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Criminal Cases in the News:


Green River Killer Beats Death Penalty (USA Today) State v. Ridgway.   Eric represented Gary Ridgway in this death penalty case. 


Shipyard shooter gets life (Seattle Times 2002) State v. Cruz. Eric succeeded in stopping the prosecution from securing a death sentence against his client in the "Northlake Shipyard" murder trial.


Violation of IAD leads to plea withdrawal and dismissal (Defense Lawyer Magazine 2000) State v. Garcia. While being represented by another attorney, Eric's client pleaded guilty to a 9-year prison sentence.  After being retained, Eric obtained a new trial for his client and then secured a complete dismissal of all charges.


Murder ‘witness’ lied; mistrial declared (Seattle Times 1998) State v. Lopez.   A mistrial was declared during this first-degree murder case after the defense learned that the prosecution’s star “eyewitness” had fabricated his trial testimony in an effort to collect reward money offered by relatives of the decedent.


Auburn murder suspect defended himself, jury told (South County Journal, 1997) State v. Greasser.  In this first-degree murder trial, Eric used self-defense to show a jury that although his client had stabbed an unarmed man, he had been defending himself.  Eric's client was convicted of a lesser offense at trial.  His conviction was then reversed on appeal.


Attorney: Teen insane when he killed woman (Seattle Times 1996) State v. Thomas.   Eric persuasively presented an insanity defense to defeat aggravated first-degree murder charges filed against his sixteen-year old client.  Eric's client was convicted of a lesser offense.


Chained defendant acquitted (Seattle Times 1994) State v. Gleason. Although Eric’s client was kept in a specially designed “Hannibal Lector” restraint chair during this assault and burglary trial, Eric secured not guilty verdicts to all charges by establishing his client had been acting in self defense.


Did stress disorder cause woman to kill? (Seattle Times 1993) State v. Warden.   Eric successfully presented a unique battered parent/diminished capacity defense to defeat first-degree murder charges filed against his client.  Eric’s client was convicted of a less serious offense.  That conviction was subsequently reversed on appeal.


Jury to resume work in Tippett murder trial  (Seattle Times 1992) State v. Casbon.   Eric represented an individual accused of aggravated first-degree murder in the “Freemont Dock” murder case.  Eric’s client was accused of shooting a patron in a Freemont area restaurant in Seattle during the lunch hour in front of approximately thirty witnesses.



Each case varies depending on its facts.  Lindell Law Offices, PLLC cannot guarantee the result in any case and can pledge only to utilize their best efforts on behalf of their clients.